Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hotel Palace GL, Barcelona, Spain

Location: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 668, L'Eixample, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

Description: El Palace Hotel Barcelona has 125 rooms fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology. They are all decorated with the elegant, renowned style of our own brand of classic luxury. El Palace combine the charm of old world luxury with re-done rooms, very friendly staff, right in the middle of Barcelona.

Review:  El Palace is home to Barcelona's most exclusive halls, available to all those looking for an exceptional, unique setting in the heart of the city. El Palace guarantees your celebration will exceed all expectations, held in a setting designed to ensure the success of every event. The hotel is perfectly located for sightseeing. This beautiful old hotel is very focused on good service and there was always a member of staff to cater for every reqirement.

Breakfast is served in a heated garden room and is the best buffet breakfast from Spain. The breakfast is 30 euros but all visitors receive a 50 euros voucher for the restaurants. The staff are attentive without being obtrusive, the hotel is very comfortable and spacious with beautiful decor, and an air of efficient calm pervades. 

Rooms - The management really should close some of them and use for storage or stock rooms. I was on the second floor and had to change it just minutes after I arrived. In the fifth floor I didn’t notice anything. If you keep your noisy room for all the days, your value of this hotel will be 1/5, instead the 4/5 it can achieve.

Staff – so friendly and pleasure in general, but some of them need training in the luxury service, like the man who took my bags up and receiving no tip (not deserved) slammed the door and frowning when he saw me in the lobby. So rude.

Restaurants – one Michelin star Caellis is brilliant. Don't lose the opportunity to taste this delicious restaurant. The second restaurant is simply part of an open living room, not very suggestive. Not feel like going.  Breakfast is served in a lovely setting, the food offered is ok but not worth the money.

Gym – Really poor. One of the the worst areas in the hotel. 3 machines and one of them out of service.

Proffessional service
Unique rooms
Excellent food

Boring place
Old bathrooms
Fitness Center

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